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Compassionate and Trusted
Care for You

It’s not just medicine, it’s a mindset.

About Us

medical professional servicing a patient

Located in Randolph, New Jersey, Freedom Pharmacy is an independent provider pharmacy servicing the needs of nursing homes, assisted living, hospice, independent living, and group home facilities. 

In 2022, a group of highly experienced pharmacists, with over 30 years industry experience, established Freedom Pharmacy based on a vision of providing a truly exceptional one-on-one service experience to their customers. With a reputation for putting patients first, Freedom Pharmacy has quickly established itself as a fast-growing specialty pharmacy provider. Knowing that every prescription we process ends with a patient, our priority is in “handcrafting your prescriptions, one patient at a time.”

Proudly Independent
Freedom Pharmacy is independently owned and operated. We are a community-minded entity who reports to you! Service is our top priority based on what's best for your facility. 

We Know What You Need
Our processes and systems are purposely designed to be responsive to the unique needs of your facility.

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